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Stock code : 600167
Luen Mei Quantum 600167.SH

Integrated Energy Service Provider Driven
by Technological Innovation

Luen Mei Quantum 600167.SH

Leading Clean Energy Enterprise In A-Shares

Luen Mei Quantum 600167.SH

Echnological Innovation As A Driving Force
Lean Management As A Cornerstone

Luen Mei Quantum 600167.SH

NECC (Shanghai) Natural gas distributed energy service

Luen Mei Quantum 600167.SH

China Medical City Biomass integrated energy service

About Us

Luen Mei Quantum Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Luen Mei  Quantum; stock code: 600167.SH) is a public company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. As an Integrated Energy Service Provider Driven by Technological Innovation,Luen Mei  Quantum has gained a unique development advantage in multi-energy utilization and supplies, smart management and control...

Main Cases

Based on different energy needs and regional characteristics of energy use, the Company provides appropriate integrated energy solutions and smart operations management service in line with its goals of low carbon, cleanness, efficiency, and economy. 

  • Centralized Clean Heat Supply in North China

    In the centralized heating area in North China, the Company provides clean heating service by mainly relying on thermoelectric integrated generation, which is complemented by heat peak load regulation and distributed micro heat sources.

  • “Warm Winter & Cool Summer” Service in South China

    In the hot-in-summer & cold-in-winter region as represented by the cities along the Yangtze River, the Company believes that it should provide “warm winter & cool summer” integrated service that is distributed in general and centralized in small areas.

  • Supply of Clean Energy for Industrial Parks

    In industrial parks where demands are steady for industrial steam heat load, the Company believes that it should help to build a circulatory economic system, improve systematic integrated energy efficiency, and provide sustainable, clean, and efficient energy solutions.